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Why Should I Register my Boer and Meat Goats?

Have you ever wondered about the benefits that registering your Boer and Meat Goats can offer?

As a professional pedigree Boer and Meat Goat association, we might seem a little bit biased. Still, there are plenty of excellent reasons you should register your goats, and these include the following points:

  • Easy process: Did you know that registering your Boer and Meat Goats is incredibly easy? It only takes a few clicks and your pedigree application will be sent directly to our registrations secretary! Check out the Members' Portal to see guides on how to register your goats.

  • On the go access: If you own more than a couple of goats, it can feel hard to keep track of who's who and so on. Luckily, our pedigree system, Pedigree Plus, can be accessed completely on-the-go. So, you'll be able to check your goats' details whenever you need them!

  • Breeding history: Thanks to our excellent pedigree system, you'll be able to immediately see the pedigree details of parents and grandparents. Your goat's full pedigree card also shows details all the way back to great great grandparents. This information can be incredibly helpful when planning breeding groups, allowing you to prevent (or carefully manage) inbreeding/linebreeding.

  • Increased value and appeal: While it always comes down to personal preference, many people are willing to pay more for a pedigree animal than a non-pedigree. As such, registering your Boer and Meat Goats could potentially help increase their value or demand.

  • Birth notifications are free! While registering a fully pedigree animal costs a small sum, it's completely free to record your goats on our systems through the Birth Notification system. So, even if you don't intend to register an animal (e.g., it's intended to be used for meat), you can still add them to the Pedigree Plus system for management purposes.

In short, it's potentially well worth registering your Boer and Meat Goats with our pedigree system! If you have any further questions about registering or why you should register, get in touch with our friendly team today for further advice.

And remember: we have purposefully kept our registration fees low, so you can register your goats without having to worry about breaking the bank!

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