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Current BBMGA Board Members


Phillip Knapp

"I have been keeping Boer goats for seven years on our small holding in South Lincolnshire. Our herd is closed and we hold high health accredited status and are approved for exporting.I have imported great new Boer and Kiko genetics from the USA in 2020 and in 2021 imported completely new bloodlines from Australia. I am passionate about the breed and committed to the constant improvement not only of Boer goats, but other meat goats as well like the Kiko. To do this we must  increase the genetic pool available to all breeders, creating a breed society which is fully inclusive, friendly and run by the members for the members."


Charlotte Riggs

"I'm your typical mad goat (and horse and sheep!) lady, but I don't see that as a bad thing! Based in Dorset, I manage the family herd of roughly 100-150 pedigree Boer goats at any one time. My firm goal is breeding goats that are capable of surviving on a low-input system, but I strive to help out other people with their own herds where I can too. I'm proud to be part of the BBMGA, and I hope to help develop a friendly and helpful community of breeders and goat keepers."

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Debbie Marshall BBMGA.jpg

Debbie Marshall

"Based in Wiltshire, I have been breeding Boer goats on a hobby basis for around 8 years.  I have a very small herd which I run alongside my pedigree Dutch Spotted sheep.  I am keen to see goats develop into a more sustainable product with a wide range of colour as well as a bigger carcass without the need to give additional hard feed."

Peter Tubby

"Pete was born and raised on a mixed farm in the Norfolk marshes. He has many years experience raising cattle, sheep and pigs on a commercial scale. He has been lucky enough to work in Australia and Botswana farming and travelling extensively throughout the Midwest and southern United States visiting dairies and Ag departments of Universities.

More recently, he spent 7 years in the meat trade gaining qualifications in classification, valuation and meat yield, practical experience of slaughter and butchery and internationally recognised welfare certifications. In Autumn 2022, he made the move back to his first love, dairying.

Pete, with his partner Trina, bought their first goats in 2016, 3 crossbred does. He has a keen interest in making meat from goats, especially in a cost effective low input way. Currently, Pete and Trina’s small herd, Netta goats, graze conservation marsh for as long as is dry enough and are indoors on a forage based system over winter."


Philip Wooster 

I have been breeding Boer Goats for 10 years. We run a closed Accredited high health status herd with bloodlines from around the world, including Australian, New Zealand, Canadian, Dutch, German British and our newly imported USA meaty dapple lines which we have been breeding for the last two years. We also have been successful in exporting to many EU countries. We have held a Knowledge Sharing Day here at the farm and I organised a few Lambing Courses for people new to goat breeding and hope to be able to do this for the BBMGA in the near future and anything else members may want.

I am a civil engineer as well as a farmer and often the two go hand in hand along with retirement livery yard for horses. The goats and horses mix well together and keep me busy along  with my day job. I am passionate about the farm and the animals we have here but do like to get away sometimes either abroad or in our caravan to chill out ready for feet trimming, worming or kidding etc. and the next challenge that awaits me. 

Riz Gibbs-Atkins

Born into a Dairy farming family, it was my chosen career path. Agricultural college and working with pedigree animals, nurtured my interest in breeding, along with attainments in the health & welfare sector. My husband & I set up our own Goat dairy herd in the early 2000s, moving into Boer goats 11 years ago, establishing a Pedigree herd of happy healthy goats I have drawn on my knowledge gained in my lifetime of farming. Knowledge that I hope will help others interested in goats. As we chose to grade up our dairy goats to Boers, I am only too aware of the need for a society that recognises both Boer & Meat goats in there many guises. 


Nicola Knott - Secretary 

Based in Suffolk, I have been breeding and keeping goats since I was a child growing up on a dairy farm. Now married and living on an Arable farm I have had Boer goats for 25 years, buying my first registered Boer goats in 1998. Over the years I have imported embryos from New Zealand and Australia and live animals from Canada. I have also exported stock and frozen semen to many countries in Europe and also the Caribbean. I also showed my goats several years ago when the Boer goat shows started up. I breed to sell breeding stock and also sell goat meat to local customers.

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