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As a member of the BBMGA, you'll receive access to all of our upcoming events. We do our best to ensure that our members have plenty of opportunities to meet up with other members and share latest information and ideas relating to Boer and meat goats.

Boer meat goat market Melton Mowbray advert September 2023.jpeg

The BBMGA is thrilled to announce that we will be hosting a Pedigree Show and Sale of Boer and Meat Goats on the 2nd of September, 2023. The sale is due to run alongside Melton Mowbray Market's Pedigree Multi-Breed Sheep Sale, allowing breeders to reach a wider audience of buyers as a result.

The sale is open to all breeders / keepers of pedigree Boer and Meat Goats. As part of the sale, a Pedigree Show will also be held with rosettes for stock that best meet the breed standard for their respective section.

Further details regarding the sale will be announced via the BBMGA news and events pages and through Melton Mowbray Market's website in due course.

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