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About Us

Our Aim

  • The aim of the BBMGA is to represent our members in an inclusive and welcoming Society and to enable debate for the advancement of Boer and meat goats.

  • The promotion of Boer, Kiko, Cashmere type and meat goats.

  • The promotion of goat meat to the public and meat industries.

  • To promote worldwide Boer, Kiko, Cashmere type and meat goats for export.

  • To promote the improvement of breeding, feeding and production by developing knowledge sharing training days.

  • Provide a support network for old and new producers, locally and nationally.

  • To be the main contact point for the Government and meat goat industry on the promotion and development of goat meat.


As part of our aim, we have always been determined to represent Boer and meat goats from all backgrounds. We achieve this, in part, by recognising the need for genetic diversity within the British herd of Boer goats. As such, we fully embrace Boer goats of all origins and of other nationalities, embracing the Zootech origins and status of international goats as well to ensure our members - both in the UK and abroad - have access to the stock they need to grow their herds and thrive.


Breed societies and studbooks that are officially Zootech recognised by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), or the relevant devolved authority, can trade purebred breeding animals and germinal products on equivalent terms.


The British Boer and Meat Goat Association is the only recognised Boer Breed society in the UK. This means that animals and germinal products from recognised breeding bodies are treated the same in different countries among other Zootech recognised societies. It's also a completely free scheme, meaning that our members don't have to pay a penny for the pleasure!

Simply put, this means that our members are the only ones who can export stock with a Zootech certificate (whilst we will also fully recognise Zootech certified imported animals and germinal products). This also means that BBMGA stock are the only animals that can currently be provided with a DEFRA-recognised, official Zootech certificate, adding credibility to BBMGA Boers holding an official pedigree certificate.

Please visit DEFRA's list of recognised breed societies for caprine species to learn more about the Zootech scheme, or contact our friendly team today to learn more.


One of our overarching goals of the BBMGA is to represent breeders from all backgrounds whether you're a pedigree Boer goat breeder, a commercial meat goat enterprise, hobby goat keeper, or maybe even a little of all three. The BBMGA recognises and promotes all meat goats, including fullbloods / purebreds and crossbreds alike, to ensure that you are fully represented in any meat goat breeding projects you might want to undertake. After all, we recognise the value of all meat goats, from the strong genetic potential that purebred breeding stock can provide to the potential benefits of careful crossbreeding decisions and hybrid vigour to maintain genetic diversity and a wide genetic pool.


We have always been determined to represent not only Boer goats but all other meat goats too. We achieve this, in part, by recognising the need for genetic diversity within the British herds of Boer and meat goats. The society embraces the different traits that every meat goat breed and variety can bring to the table.


Here at the BBMGA we want our members to feel supported. Whether the query relates to membership, registration, form filling or general Association issues, we will endeavour to direct you to the relevant place. Whilst we can't directly help with individual herd welfare, management and marketing, we will endeavour to guide you to the appropriate organisation for advice. The members' portal and Facebook page can be a great source of information, but please remember that your vet should be the first point of contact for welfare/health issues. 


With the demand for Boer and meat goats in the UK growing, both for breeding stock and meat purposes, it's no surprise that the need to develop a sustainable business is something many breeders are focused on. This is something that the BBMGA recognises as registration costs can add up when you begin to grow your herd. We do our best to keep prices as low as possible, while delivering the effective support you deserve.

How do we achieve this:

  • Our board comprises a passionate, enthusiastic team of Boer and meat goat volunteers, all of whom work to find the best solutions based on our members' priorities while keeping cost management in mind.

  • Our secretaries are provided with the equipment they need to do their jobs effectively and efficiently, which makes their work more cost-effective for our members, all the while delivering quick support and services!

  • We keep all unnecessary spending to a complete minimum and carefully plan all expenses to ensure they deliver the utmost value for our members. We focus heavily on promoting Boer and meat goats, which in turn may help increase the viability of our members' businesses; so you know that your funds are supporting things you'd like to see in your region or as easily accessible for as many breeders as possible. 

  • By emailing pedigree cards to our members, we save significant sums of money on printing costs and postage. However, if you want pedigree certificates, feel free to print them out, or request that a hard copy be posted directly to you. This also allows us reduce the environmental impact of our services.

If you want to become a member of the British Boer and Meat Goat Association and be able to register your animals at very competitive prices, join us. Please contact us to learn more, or check out the pricing section on our fee schedule page.

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