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If you've ever heard the terms, fullblood, purebred, crossbred, and partbred, it's easy to get a little confused. These terms are most commonly used with Boer goat breeding, but the terms "purebred" and "crossbred" may also apply to other breeds. To keep things simple, the BBMGA recognises all four types of goats.

  • Fullblood: A Boer goat that can trace its lineage directly back to South Africa. (i.e., without any inclusion of non-Boer         genetics anywhere in the goats entire recorded pedigree history)

  • Purebred: A purebred Boer goat is a Boer that has either 100% Boer genetics or has been upgraded to purebred in accordance with international directives. All purebred animals are considered to have 100% Boer genetics

  • Crossbred: Typically, the term "crossbred" is used to denote an animal who was produced by crossing parents of two different breeds (for example, a Boer sire over a Kiko dam). In the BBMGA, registrable Boer crossbreds are those with a minimum of 50% Boer genetics - for example, a purebred Boer crossed with a dam of any other breed. Crossbreds are denoted as C1 (Cross 1 / First Cross); any resulting progeny then become Second Cross (C2 / 75% Boer), and so on.

  • Percentage / Partbred: The term "partbred" or "percentage" is typically used to denote animals which have more than 50% Boer genetics (i.e., are the offspring of crossbreds), but which have not yet been upgraded to purebred status.

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