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Boer and Meat Goats for Sale

Have you been looking for pedigree Boer and meat goat sales? Need somewhere to advertise your BBMGA-registered pedigree Boer goats and meat goats for sale? Our sales listings could be the best place to start. All of our members can post adverts for their goats for free on our sales listings, which can be viewed by anyone looking for Boer and meat goats for sale in the UK - making it easier than ever to buy and sell goats privately.

Looking to begin Boer and meat goat sales through your local market? Head to our Market Reports page to see the sort of prices Boer and meat goats are currently making.

How to Post a Pedigree Boer and Meat Goat Sales Ad

In order to post your own Boer and meat goat sales ad on our listings, simply head to the bottom of this page to fill out our "Post a Listing" form. We'll process the advert as soon as possible to get it live on the site ASAP. Listings may be taken down upon transfer of ownership of animals in question or after two months if not otherwise marked as sold; however, listings can be extended indefinitely as required by emailing the secretary.

How to Post a Wanted Ad

Wanted adverts can be posted by anyone, regardless of whether or not you are a member of the BBMGA! Simply fill out the "Post a Listing" form with as much detail as you can give, such as the distance you're willing to travel (etc). 



DATE: 08/01/2024

LOCATION: South West

TYPE: Boer Goat


PURE BRED QUALITY BOER GOATS * 6 scanned in kid registered females * Excellent bloodlines USA, Australian including dapple and red genetics. * Doelings & select few bucklings also available * Would suit starter herds. 3 Bucks aged 15 months ready to work now * All are SAC Accredited CAE & Scrapie Negligible Risk & Johnes tested from a closed herd.


Pedigree Boer Goat Red Boer Buck Northlew Boer Goats.jpg

DATE: 14/10/2023

LOCATION: Okehampton, Devon

TYPE: Boer Goat


We have 18 month and 6 month bucks for sale including a few with USA dapple genetics. We will also have a few select does that have gone to buck and due to kid next year at end of February/March. Popular are our starter herds when available with ongoing support at any time. We run a high health status closed herd, CAE Accredited, Scrapie Level Negligible Risk able to satisfy for Export. All vaccinations and worming. Prices from £400 upwards. All will be registered with BBMGA pedigrees.

Disclaimer: All listing information is provided by the member directly, and so we at the BBMGA cannot guarantee the accuracy of adverts or the information provided within. We recommend buyers complete all necessary checks to ensure the details included within adverts are genuine, such as requesting proof of registration, age, conformation, health testing status, etc. 


Thanks for sending your listing details. Once your request has been processed, your listing will go live on the site.​Your listing will include the details you have included in your advert title, location, email address, summary and description in exactly the form you send it, including any extra relevant contact details.​In the interest of maintaining our members' privacy, your name and membership number will not be included unless you directly added these in the advert description.​​

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