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As representatives of meat goats of all breeds and types, we here at the BBMGA want to know what you think are the main selling points of your chosen breed(s) of goats. 

Our National Breed Survey is completely anonymous and is open to both members of the association and non-members. It should only take a few minutes to complete, and your data and inputs will help us better understand the current situation of the meat goat industry in the UK, including the key strengths of the currently used meat goat breeds. In turn, this will allow us to create appropriate marketing content and information that reflects the perceived strengths of each breed or type accurately, based not only on theoretical traits but also on UK breeders' and keepers' actual, lived experiences.

Please note: by participating in this survey, you acknowledge that you are happy for the BBMGA and its representatives to use the provided data as necessary for future content creation, analysis, and marketing purposes. All data is full anonymous and no personal information is required to complete this survey.

Thank you in advance for your inputs and for helping us to strengthen the future of the UK's meat goat industry!

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