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Whether you're a new breeder of Boer and meat goats or an old hand at it, knowing when your goats are due is hugely helpful! Generally speaking, most goats will kid between 145 and 155 days of pregnancy, with an average of 150 days.


Kids born before 145 days may be considered premature and may not have mature enough lungs to survive without close intervention; kids born after day 155 may be overdue and could represent kidding complications (such as large kids) or be stillborn. As such, knowing when she's due can be hugely helpful. Plus, this allows you to plan the kidding season more accurately - not many people are fond of doing those night time checks for any longer than is necessary, after all.

Fortunately, for a quick reference, the following gestation calculator may help give a quick understanding of when your goat is due. Be sure to note when (or roughly when) she's served to get the most accurate due date. But remember, this guide is based on 150 days - so your goat may still be due on time if she kids five days before or after these dates!

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