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Welcome to the British Boer and Meat Goat Association (BBMGA)

Britain's Official DEFRA-Recognised Zootechnical-Approved Boer Breed Society

Founded by a group of passionate pedigree Boer goat breeders, the British Boer and Meat Goat Association (BBMGA) aims to support all Boer and meat goat owners. Our society operates with the overarching goal of promoting the breeding of pedigree Boer and meat goats. As part of this, we are also immensely proud to be the official British DEFRA-recognised Boer breed society, thanks to our membership of the Zootechnical Standards (Zootech), which ensures that British BBMGA Boers adhere to internationally recognised breed standards. We are also thrilled to run a separate Meat Goat register for non-Boer stock to promote greater traceability of genetics.

BBMGA membership is open to all, whether you're a pedigree stud breeder, a commercial breeder for meat, or a hobby goat owner. To this end, we maintain three separate pedigree herdbook registers.

  • A British Boer Register

  • An International Boer Register

  • The third register is for meat goats. This herdbook is open to all other meat goat breeds, such as the Kiko and Cashmere types.


Both Boer herd registers will be open to traditionals, reds, blacks, paints, and dapple Boers.


Whether you're a hobby goat keeper or own hundreds of breeding animals as part of a commercial goat herd, through the BBMGA, we strive to help connect and represent all Boer Goat / meat goat owners in a society of likeminded members.

Please visit our members' portal to register your goats.

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What's On?

Stay up to date with all the latest news and developments for the BBMGA! Our society aims to promote new opportunities throughout the year, while releasing regular content and investing in new marketing opportunities to support our members. Some of the latest new developments for the BBMGA include the following: 

19/10/2024 - BBMGA AGM 

Our second annual BBMGA AGM will be held in Hampshire on the 19th of October 2024. Looking forward to seeing everyone there! Email to our secretary for further details.

05/09/2024 - Pedigree sale at Sedgemoor Market.

 We are trying to help our members in all areas of the country. We have secured a Pedigree sale at Sedgemoor Market in the south West on the 5th September 2024. Please contact Sedgemoor directly if you wish to enter any stock or email our secretary for further details.

07/09/2024 - Melton Mowbray Market Show and Sale

Our second annual show and sale at Melton Mowbray will be on Saturday 7th September 2024. Please contact Melton Mowbray directly if you wish to enter any stock or email our secretary for further details.

Promoting Pedigree Boer and Meat Goats

Our aim for the BBMGA is to promote pedigree Boer and Meat Goats to a wider audience, with the overarching aim being to support members in their breeding goals while promoting goats to new audiences, thereby growing the pedigree breeding stock and goat meat industries alike.  

The BBMGA is here for all meat goat breeders, including Boer goats, Kiko goats, Cashmere-type goats, dairy billy rearing systems, and more. We endeavour to support every member, and we welcome new ideas and input from every member to help the association grow and promote Boer and Meat Goats to a wider audience.


Pedigree Boer Goat


As the official DEFRA-recognised British Boer breed society, we strive to encourage the development and growth of the British Boer industry.

By promoting the breed standard through education, we here at the BBMGA actively help support the development of the national herd, based on international genetics and directives.

Promoting Meat Goats for Productivity

A productive Boer or meat goat is measured by more than the colour of its hair alone; the BBMGA aims to support members in breeding the most suitable Boer and meat goats for their particular rearing system.

After all, we believe that every herd of meat goats is unique - there's no single way to do things!

Representing all Boer and Meat Goat Breeders

As an association for pedigree Boer and meat goat breeders, we don't discriminate against the choices made by our individual member's choice of breed, or purpose.

We embrace the strengths of each breed used for meat production purposes and encourage our members to do the same.

Affordable Solutions for Every Member

To help our members as much as possible, we have set our registration fees as affordably as possible: starting from £6.00 per head for does and £15.00 per head for bucks.


All pedigree certificates are sent by email, by default, but the certificates can also be sent by post with a slight increase in cost.

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